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Deworming recommendations

Start with a fecal sample, we only need a small amount, it should be 24 hours fresh.  The fecal will be sent to our lab and results will be in the next business day.

Depending on the intestinal parasites seen we will dose the medication your pet needs.
A negative fecal means no parasite eggs were seen.  

Tape worms are rice like segments seen around your pets anus or on bedding.  They get tape worms by ingesting a flea. So be sure to treat for fleas as well as get medication to rid of them.

It is important to keep your pets fecal cleaned up so the eggs of any parasites do not live in your soil or they will keep reinfesting themselves.

Your monthly heartworm prevention works to control roundworms and hookworms.

Revolution topical flea treatment also works to treat roundworms and hookworms. Kills adult fleas and keeps the eggs from hatching.