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Vaccine Policy schedule 2017


6-8 Weeks        of age temporary DHPP / PRVC known as distemper vaccine.

8-11 weeks       1st permanent DHPP / PRVC

11-14  weeks    2nd  permanent DHPP / PRVC               Kennel cough may be started if needed.

12 weeks and over 1 year rabies

14-17 weeks    3rd DHPP-C                                   Leptospirosis #1                                           

17-21 weeks                                                              Leptospirosis #2               Lyme#1

21-24 weeks                                                                                                          Lyme#2

(leptolyme boosters are done 3-4 weeks apart… more then 8 weeks they need to rebooster)

 We do carry the influenza vaccine as well, available upon request. 

1 year of age:  Dhpp, 3 yr rabies booster, lepto, lyme and a 4DX Plus/ PRVC1yr vs 3 yr RABIES booster in cats , ask your vet.    


6 years of age and older: DHPP & PRVC may  become a 3 year vaccine per doctor


8 months of age or older with no vaccine history: Rabies (1 year) booster, heartworm test, lyme and other tick born diseases test done (4DX Plus) at 1 year of age.

It is recommended to give 1 DHPP then a month later booster, also Lepto and lyme then booster in 3-4 weeks.


Heartworm testing 4DX Plus: 

Testing for Ehrlichia ewingii and Anaplasma platys, , heartworm, Lyme disease, Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Ehrlichia canis the most comprehensive in-house vector-borne disease screen


                    *C-6 antibody test may be done check the level of exposure*


We recommend you keep your dogs on  heartworm prevention year round as your protecting them from intestinal parasites as well.


Bordatella (Canine Cough) vaccine given then boostered the first year then once a year after, at least 1 week before kenneling.


Influenza vaccine offered upon request.


FELV/FIV test: may be done after 14 weeks of age.  This is a blood test to check for feline aids & leukemia (vaccine available).


Feline leukemia vaccine: At 14 weeks of age after a negative test you may start the leukemia vaccine, it will need to be boostered after 4 weeks the annualy. 


Any pet with unknown history: We would recommend a distemper vaccine for a cat or dog booster 3-4 weeks later, 1 yr Rabies vaccine, 4DX Plus to test for heart worm and tick borne illnesses (dog), Feline leukemia/ aids test (cat) & a fecal exam.

Ask about your puppy/ kitten care kit with your first exam.


Annual Fecal sample should be sent out to test for ova parasites & giardia.  Bring along a small amount,  it should be 24 hours fresh.


If your pet is on rimadyl we recommend a blood test every 6 months to check liver & kidney functions.


Thyroid level test should be done 6 hrs after soloxine pill is given.

Blood glucose level is best checked 6 hours after insulin injection.